Samuel Yirga is a young Ethiopian musician and composer. Samuel is one of Ethiopia’s most promising young musicians and composers and in recent years, and has gained wider international recognition through his touring and recording with Dub Colossus fusing traditional azmari music, ethio-jazz, dub, and reggae.

‘Guzo’ is Samuel Yirga’s debut album, recorded in Addis Ababa and Real World Studios. The album is just the start of Samuel’s journey, where he has explored Ethiojazz, soul and funk, American jazz, and Latin and classical music. Whilst there are deeply virtuosic piano solos, there are also more upbeat songs which feature guests vocalists The Creole Choir of Cuba, a Cuban choir whose songs go back to their Haitian roots; Mel Gara, a British singer whose origins are in Iraq; and Nicolette, a Nigerian-British singer, famous for her collaborations with Massive Attack. The album is produced by Dubulah (aka Nick Page), the British musician and producer behind Transglobal Underground, Syriana and Dub Colossus.

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