Gaël Faye was born in Burundi, of a French father and Rwandan mother. Forced into exile by the war and conflicts that ravaged his African homeland, Faye’s family arrived in France in 1995. A few years later, Gaël decided to start writing, to give expression to his feelings, sentiments, his experiences, his battles and his hopes. His pen is sharp and poignant as he sheds light on truths that hurt and are difficult to listen to. This young rapper’s flow runs through melodious productions full of jazz and soul sounds.


Maxi 5 titres Milk Coffee and Sugar (2009)

Album Milk Coffee and Sugar (2010)

Maxi 5 titres Gaël Faye (2012)

Album Pili Pili sur un croissant au beurre (2013)

Notable collaboration 

 Oxmo Puccino

 La Rumeur

 Beat Assailant

 Blitz The Ambassador

 Hocus Pocus

 Kev Brown

 Ben l’Oncle Soul

 Sly Johnson

 Tumi and The Volume Casey

 Bonga

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