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All Stars Sweden's overall aim is to uplift smaller organizers, create visibility for ethnic and cultural minorities in society, and promote increased diversity within Sweden's public cultural life. The project is conducted in Sweden and includes courses, educations, practice and series of concerts based on a diversity perspective on new organizers and associations.

All Stars Sverige (Sweden) aims to promote diversity within Sweden’s culture sector by working with smaller associations and organizations that represents different ethnic and cultural minority groups and who expresses a desire or demand for increased visibility as professional organizers within the public cultural life. The project also has the aim to create visibility for new meeting places by working with innovative venues.

The project activities consist of two parts. These are 1) courses, educations and practice for smaller organizers and associations in Sweden and 2) series of concerts including opportunities for practice, workshops and seminars in different Swedish cities.

All Stars Sverige combines Selams work to strengthen diversity and fair representation within Sweden’s public cultural life, which at its core is based on information-spreading and capacity-building, with innovative platforms for exchange and building of experience by conducting series of concerts with varying artist constellations.

The project activities are characterized by a sustainability perspective were we strive to build a basis for dialogue and exchange between more and less established organizers, where the entry point is a shared interest in diversity, at the same time as future organizers are capacity trained with the purpose to promote continued artistic engagements.

The project is conducted in Sweden during a period of 18 months and is financially supported by the Swedish Post Code Lottery’s Culture Foundation.


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