Michael Belayneh was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  Music, for Michael, has always been a passion to live for. While attending formal education at AAU, he also started taking piano lessons at Yared Music School with a private tutor, on a part time basis. There, he confirmed his talent for music particularly for singing. He later joined Medina Band as a part time English song singer. In those years, he has been playing at various night clubs in town with Medina and Express bands.

In 2003, Michael started producing his own solo album project with Elias Melka. While producing this album, he released his first single, the remake of Getachew Kassa’s song called Sayish Esasalehu. By 2005, his debut album called ANTE GODANA was released This album brought Michael closer to the larger audience. The album was a huge success as it caught the hearts of music lovers in a slow but subtle way. The tracks in ANTE GODANA are deeply driven by positivity and relaxing vibes. Such songs include Siqe Eshegnishalehu, Etebikishalehu, and Yefikir Mirchaye.

Tizita, a slow rock single, followed in 2010. After a long absence, Michael produced and delivered the very outstanding album, NAFKOT ENA FIKIR [meaning NOSTALGIA & LOVE in Amharic] in 2012. The album was named as ‘Album of the Year’ by Sheger FM 102.1 Leza Radio Show public votes.

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