Marcus Price has been behind the production of several well-known Swedish artists, but is best known for his efforts to reinvent his sound and moving the boundaries on the contemporary Swedish music scene. His breakthrough came when he won Rap Championships with the Swedish hiphop group Fattaru in 2000. After three albums, two Grammys and hits like “Mina hundar” and “Första femman” Marcus ventured on a  career as a producer. Besides the solo project Basutbudet he has collaborated with artists like Jaqe, Rebecca & Fiona, Spoek Mathambo, Baba Stiltz, Mapei, Maluca, Gnucci, Kornel Kovacs and the House genius Carli. In 2016 he is involved with several releases on his own record label  Svenska Bas (Swedish Base), a solo EP on Norwegian Death Pop, the Eboi / Erik Lundin coolaberation “BADIN” and productions for Megatronic, Arif, Jaqe and Erik Lundin.

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