With equal parts genuine American soul and R’n’B, combined with slightly chilled European club music, Mapei is the best of two worlds. Add to that some gospel and hip hop and you’ve got her recipe for success. But, when talking about Mapei, it dosen’t really matter. She moves freely across genres like you can’t even imagine, and that applies to all forms of her expression.

Few artists possess such an ability to portray an emotion with their music as Mapei.  Everyone who’s heard the remarkable single ”Don’t Wait” knows that it gets right under the surface of your skin, and stays there. Mapei was born in the USA, Rhode Island, but moved at a young age to Stockholm, where she grew up. Her real name is Jacqueline Mapei Cummings and originally had her big break with the single “Video Vixens” back in 2007. Back then everybody called her the new Lauryn Hill. She also teamed up with Major Lazer on “Mary Jane” in 2009. Mapei has today gone from being merely an eccentric rapper to an artists that also attract new fans with her soulful sound.

Few Swedish artists are more popular today and her global recognition was recently clearly demonstrated when Mapei was a guest at the David Letterman show.

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