Lexxus Legal is a leading figure of Congolese hiphop. A proud African but very critical of the problems of the continent, he is at the forefront of the activist movement in his country, fighting for the rights of his people through his poetry. Awarded with best hiphop artist during the 2009 Ndule Award, he has collaborated with many big upcoming names and has performed all over Africa. His latest album is titled “Cinquième doigt” (Fifth finger).

Leader and founding member of the PNB group (Pensée Nègre Brute), Alex, alias Lexxus Legal, is an emblematic figure of the Congolese hip hop scene. His texts,hard and uncompromising sometimes, denounce the ills which haunt Africa in general and his country, Congo Kinshasa. Far from poetry, Alex doesn’t mince his words to assert his rights and express his frustrations: from corruption to globalization and the WTO. Strongly African, he doesn’t bare the lightness of some African leaders and cultivates the vision of a united, just and peaceful Africa, designer of its own path. Lexxus Legal also promotes activities for the recognition of hip hop trough his Congolese label and production company, Root Alternative.

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