Ethiopian Records born Endeguena Mulu is one of the leading lights of Ethiopia’s burgeoning electronic music scene.

Born and raised in Addis Ababa in 1987, Endeguena is proud to have never left his country to love, understand and create his own version of Electronics. Sometimes using nothing more than a computer, Ableton software and a mouse, he mixes Ethiopia’s traditional, jazz sounds and rhythms with electronic music from, UKG, Ambient music, and Bass music. With his own electric brew of unique sonic textures he created a new genre which he named “Ethiopiyawi Electronic”. He first started making music while in high school – Lycee Guebre Mariam – experimenting with a wide spectrum of sound palettes and with Ethiopian Traditional music from all the corners of his country. While he was studying in college experimentation remained his main approach. He has – along with his peer- created the genre “Ethiopiawi Electronic” – that got him praises from the International scene. Endeguena has been featured on Dazed, Fader, the Guardian, BBC, CNN, Pitchfork, MTV IGGY and THump Vice amongst many other media outlets. He is currently the only and first Ethiopian Producer  to ever become a contributor for Trace (subsidiary of  True Africa). He has just this year premiered on Giles Peterson’s CNN channel that also made a mini documentary on him. His mission is to erase the term “World Music” and is adamant on using Ethiopiawi Electronics to achieve that goal.

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