Tsedenia GebreMarkos is one of the leading musicians in the Ethiopian music scene. She gets her inspirations from traditional and contemporary Ethiopian music. In addition to having a lot of success with commercial hits such as “Ewedehalu”, “Atalay”, “Mengedegna” and “Yiker Beyalehu”, Tsedenia is also famous for having strong lyrics to raise awareness about issues she holds dear. She’s made a name for herself singing to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in her country. Tsedenia broke ground when she became the first Ethiopian artist to ever win the prestigious African Kora Awards back in 2004 for “Ewedehalu”. In addition this multitalented star was featured in the hit movie “Motherland”, has a standing radio-show and is rumored to be featured in an upcoming film from the producers of “500 years Later”. Even if her melodious and soulful sound is what she is famous for, Tsedenia broke the barriers again when she decided to be innovative and join forces with Ethiopian dub band Dub Colossus. They released an EP, ‘A Town Called Addis’ in June 2008 through Real World Records and a full length LP album of the same name was released in August 2008 exclusively through the Bowers & Wilkins Music Club . Always looking for bigger challenges and constantly rebranding herself is what enabled this Ethiopian jewel to win this year’s AFRIMA (All Africa Music Awards) “Best female artist in Eastern Africa”.

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