Selam till DOADOA (East African Performing Arts Center) i Kampala, Uganda 4-7 maj

DOADOA-cover-page-2-1024x379 tisdag 26 april 2016 / / Tags:  Selam’s director Teshome Wondimu and project manager Johan Egerbladh Eurenius are visiting DOADOA, (East African Performing Arts Center) in Kampala, Uganda 4 to 7 May
DOADOA is a platform for professional networking and shared knowledge bringing  different organizations, companies, producers, etc. together in order to create a demand and develop a market for the Performing Arts, unlocking the potential of the East African creative industry. which makes DOADOA to an important platform for economic, social and cultural development in the region.
This year DOADOA is the fifth in the order and arranged by Bayimba Foundation.
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