Caro & El Club – family concert in spanish!

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Selam in cooperation with Dieselverkstaden presents a family concert at Dieselverkstaden, small stage, Saturday 4 October at 15:00.

Caro & El Club was born in 2006 when singer Caroline “Caro” Schroeder and guitarist Julian Vigil met each other through love and music. Through the years, they have delivered strong music and toured Sweden, Europe and South America. Their roots from the Rio de la Plata is prominent in their music that represents a soulful meeting of the South American continent and European folk music, pop and jazz.

For this family concert, they have selected a repertoire of songs they themselves grew up with as children, and some of their own productions.

Length of the concert: 50 min
Age: family concert, children from 3 years.
Price: Adults SEK 100, Children SEK 40
Languages: Spanish and Swedish

Selam in cooperation with Dieselverkstaden

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