In his late teens, Daniel Lemma moved to Gothenburg, where he started to perform at local clubs and bars. During the mid-90s, Lemma was a member of the music group Mo Blues, who in 1997 released the album For the Road (Prophone Records). Soon after, Lemma moved to New York where he entered into a record contract with Pallas Records. Due to legal complications, the recorded album was never released, yet the time spent in New York served Lemma in other ways, as he developed and perfected his sound by performing around the city’s music hubs.

Short after Lemma returned to Sweden, he had his musical breakthrough as his record Morning Train (2001) was cast as the soundtrack of Josef Fares hit movie Jalla! Jalla!. The album as well as the track single If I Used to Love You sold gold and was nominated for the Grammis music award.

Hot This Year Band is an accompanying band made up of some of Scandinavia’s leading musicians and producers within the reggae scene. In 2016, the first collaboration between Daniel Lemma and Hot This Year Band took place, as they released the album Common Ground. The album has been described as a tribute to the “classical” reggae epoch of the 70s. Common Ground marks the seventh studio album of Daniel Lemma.

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