Success for Selam Sessions!

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What a ride! Twenty sessions, five months, around 500 minutes of music that showcases the variety Sweden has to offer. We are very grateful that you have taken part in this and with close to 700 thousand views it shows that you have enjoyed it. Many of the artists that we have showcased each season are artists that we book for live gigs in Stockholm – in the case that you have found a group or artist that you like, do give them a follow and do watch them live!

We are already planning for next season and would love to hear from you about artists you can recommend. We are always looking for hidden talents that we can help promote.

For now, check our playlist that has gathered over two million views to watch any session you might have missed and to keep you warm until we release the next season!

We want to thank the Swedish Art Council for their support in making this project happen

Check our playlist here: Selam Sessions

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