#WeWillPrevail #አስቸጋሪውን ጊዜ አሸንፈን እንሻገር​

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The COVID-19 has become a devastating consequence to global health and economy. The human race is at war to stop this epidemic and save the lives of millions around the world. Now! it’s the time to act and overcome this challenging period.

Selam Ethiopia will launch the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) awareness campaign. With a theme title #WeWillPrevail #አስቸጋሪውን ጊዜ አሸንፈን እንሻገር, Selam has produced a series of campaign videos in cooperation with a  number of cultural players, prominent artists and influential individuals in Ethiopia to inform and teach the society about the spread of the threat.

The campaign will start on April 4, 2020 and will be available in different local languages. We will share the video messages on our website, social and mass media regularly. Please help us share and spread these messages to help people stay informed, even if you are far from the frontlines, you can still contribute to the fight.

We would like to thank Dawit Yifru, Zeleke Gessese, Michael Million, Nibret Gelaw, Esubalew Yitayew (Yeshi), Nigist Fikre, Bayush Kebede, Ablex and Meaza for their time and cooperation in being part of this movement.

For more info: http://www.selamethiopia.se

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