Connecting the Dots

Welcome to “Connecting the dots” – a digital map aimed at facilitating music exchange between Sweden and countries in Africa! Facts and bases for the map below have been collected through Selam’s previous projects, music tours, trips and contacts. The goal is to present possible concert halls, festivals and studios for musicians who want to explore the possibility of music exchange. The survey began two years ago and is a living document. Regarding the use of “Connecting the Dots”: the map is produced in Google Maps and consists of three layers: concert venues, music festivals and studios. Select which of the layers you want to enable by clicking in a single box to each layer. Tip: Please zoom in on the map as it may look like a point, in fact, it can consist of several places if you zoom in. If you know a place you wish to add to the “Connecting the Dots” map, or want to comment on a change that has occurred, please feel free to contact us through the form below.