“The future of Ethiopia’s culture sector and creative industry”

Friday 8th of January, Ghion Hotel

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Cultural forum schedule

Selam Ethiopia’s Culture Forum Conference is organized in conjunction with Selam Festival Addis. This edition of Selam’s Culture Forum focuses on the future of Ethiopia’s culture sector and creative industry. With the conference, Selam aims to bring forward international experiences and views on how to successfully drive creative industries forward. The overall objective is to inspire local stakeholders and ongoing developments and to brainstorm around potential efforts aimed at further promoting Ethiopia’s culture sector. This objective is aligned with all of Selam Ethiopia’s projects, which are focused on enabling proper culture infrastructure and adequate internal systems for culture promotion and advancement.

The forum has invited two international guest speakers, Shain Shapirio (UK) founder and MD of Sound Diplomacy,  leading music market development agency, providing music strategy and research to cities and governments, organizing music conferences and working with talent development, and Christoph Borkowsky (Germany) – President of Piranha Arts. The company combines music and information technology to increase the value of crossing borders, be they cultural, political or commercial.International networking platforms like WOMEX, as well as Piranha Consult, Piranha Records and other branches are all part of the Piranha Arts portfolio.

Along with local speakers on topics such as the creative industry’s role in societal development – the Ethiopian context, challenges and opportunities and Redefining the future of Cultural/Art journalism and criticism we look forward to spending an inspirational and rewarding day with our guests.