Tsehay Yohannes has yet again graced Ethiopian music lovers everywhere with another impeccably crafted album. His return to the music scene has coincided with the release of his 10th album, ‘Sakilign’, which has Tsehay tantalizing fans with his rich vocal range and soft but meaningful lyrics. 

‘Sakilign’ is the culmination of six years of hard work and is an album that will be sure to dazzle both critics and fans alike. For the past few decades Tsehay has continually indulged his fans with his own brand of music that sets him apart from all other artists in the music industry. His rich blend of traditional Ethiopian melodies and modern rhythm has again left his fans in awe at his musical talent and unsurpassed vocal ability. He is delighted at now being able to entertain his fans with what can be described as one of his best ever musical projects, in a career which has spanned several decades. Tsehay is arguably one of the most gifted Ethiopian artists of his generation and has proved to be an inspiration for many of the up and coming young artists of today. With the song and music video named ‘Beanew Bey’, otherwise known as ‘Welayta’, he serves to express his love and admiration for all cultures and traditions that encompass Ethiopia. The entire album provides listeners with a variety of traditional styles that convey Tsehay’s patriotism and love for his country and his people. This is a wonderful album which will be sure to be popular amongst all Ethiopian music enthusiasts.

Tsehay Yohannes’ latest project, ‘Sakilign’, was produced in Washington D.C, USA by Yaynu Production and Nahom records.



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