Melaku Belay is an Ethiopian traditional dancer born in Addis Abeba in 1980. Early, he showed interest for the different kind of dances that punctuates the everyday life of Ethiopian people.
He learned his passion among his people, dancers and performers who transmitted him the tradition during major festivals as Timqat, or during school gathering. At the beginning of his professional career he received intensive trainings of performing and choreography at the National Theater of Ethiopia. He also attended several workshops at Ras Theater and Hager Fikir Theater, the oldest indigenous theatre in Africa.

But, Melaku is above all a free spirit, who has refused to restraint himself in an imposed and academic “traditional” style. As a self-taught dancer, he has taken his inspiration inside the Ethiopian society itself, and among the bearers of the tradition. Throughout his carrier, he has tried to create and develop his own style according to his own experiences and researches through his country, with a touch of improvisation and fantasy.


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