Live sound engineering/ Lighting and design

These two intense workshops will develop a theoretical and practical understanding of sound engineering and its application to live sound reinforcement and production, as well as the technical and artistic features of stage lighting.

The workshops are aimed at light technicians and sound engineers who are selected from different theatre halls and cultural institutes. The Traines will participate in both rhetoric exercise and on field active practical participation and observation at SFA.

Examples of subjects included in the sound engineering workshop: planning sound for live music performance, calibration and tuning of sound systems, types and uses of equipments for live sound, sound system design,  installation and dismount,monitoring and mix out use of microphones, Placement and installation, linear & non linear signal processing, signal flow and wiring for live sound and modification  on designing sound for the variety of clubs, theatre, and stage venues.

Specific subjects for light workshop: production of light design, types and uses of stage light equipments,light design and lighting procedure,creating special environment and effect, light direction, computerised lighting controllers and spot light.


The Workshops take place at the Selam Ethiopia office and and site at the festival venue at Ghion Hotel.